Grow your Tribe on an App you own.

Host your community, content, and communication
on a no-distraction custom app.

How it works


Craft Your Branded App

Shape your mobile app into an interactive extension of your brand. With Tribe Social, you’re in full control of every design detail, ensuring your platform is a clear reflection of your unique identity. The cherry on top? Our 100% white-labeled solution places your brand at the forefront, always.


Seamless Content Migration

Content scattered across various platforms? We’re here to bring it all under one roof. Our team seamlessly transfers your valuable content from Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, Zoom, Kajabi, and more to your own private, secure hosting service. Consider it a well-coordinated relocation to a content hub that’s all yours.


Launch Your Community

Now, for the grand reveal. With a well-designed, content-rich platform at your disposal, it’s time to unveil to your new app. Press ‘launch’ and watch as your brand-new platform sparks engagement and fuels discussions. With Tribe Social, you’re not just launching a platform, you’re igniting a vibrant, connected community.

Thanks to the Tribe Social team, we now have full control of our app and the entire tech stack is in-house. With this solid foundation, we’re reaching 300,000+ inmates monthly with the Gospel. The team helped us navigate everything from design to reducing our high monthly video hosting costs. We’re now spending only 10% of what it was costing us when hosting with other platforms. The team excels in out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

  • 300,000+ User Accounts
  • 100% Owned Tablet App for inmates
  • 8M+ Views a Month
Jake Bodine

CEO, God Behind Bars


Designed With Your Tribe’s Uniqueness and Longevity in Mind


Host your videos on a customizable, ad-free video player that keeps your brand front and center.

Live video broadcast

Live stream video to your community without restrictions.


You own your data from beginning to end. Export any time.

Real-time Chat

Engage with your audience during a broadcast or after.

Content Dashboard

Seamlessly manage all your content from multiple channels in a single location.

Decentralized File Storage

All videos, images, and files stored on a secure decentralized network.


Easily create and manage membership enrollment and access levels.


Cut through the noise of crowded email inboxes and social feeds by sending priority communication straight to phones through push notifications.

Decentralized File Storage

All videos, images, and files stored on a secure decentralized network.

Why Tribe?

The digital landscape offers massive opportunities to reach and disciple people globally and in real-time. However, many content creators are struggling to build synergized systems for scale. They have had to divide their focus between different online channels which often results in a scattered community.

Tribe Social is a digital platform that brings your community, courses, and content all together.

Instead of solely relying on outside channels that give you little control, Tribe Social allows you to leverage outside channels to bring together your community to one secure platform that you control.

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Host your community, content, and communication on a no-distraction custom app that you own.

Future-proof your content platform
with Tribe Social

Ever-changing algorithms, data privacy concerns, and security issues have made it difficult for churches to find a consistent solution for their digital community engagement and outreach. Tribe Social empowers churches to take advantage of the massive opportunity to reach people online without the massive headache of using outside channels that offer little control.