First Live Event: Graham Cooke + Pedro Adao

March 13, 2020

Today we hosted our first live event with Tribe Social. If you can remember back to March, we had NO IDEA that the country was about to shut down and everyone and their mom would be trying to run virtual events.

We had a live event setup to use Clickfunnels webinar, but after initial testing we were able to replace Clickfunnels webinar page with Tribe Social.

Huge thanks to our client, Brilliant Perspectives for trusting us with their audience! 😃

Quick Stats

  • 3,029 Total accounts created
  • 1 hour broadcast
  • 750+ Live attendees
  • 4 Guests

Overly simplified user experience

  1. Create an account via email or from Facebook login
  2. View stream
  3. Chat with interact chat
  4. Click on primary call to action "ad" below