Version 0.14

⭐ New Features

  1. New (super fast) search 🔍. This is a long awaited feature that we just completed last week. You can search titles, descriptions, author, or event content tags. Works on every page.
  2. New Collection sidebar – Now your users can track if a piece of content has been "completed"
  3. Set Collection Order – Now you can set whether content inside a collection is ordered with most recent first or oldest first. This is helpful when you have a course which has lesson 1, 2, 3 etc and you don't want it ordered by most recent in front

✅ Improvements…

  • Reduced size of videos in carousel on mobile – Thanks @Benji for suggestion
  • Hid description on mobile
  • Changed dates to be relative (2 days ago / 3 hours ago, etc)
  • When creating a new piece of content the publish date / time will be set automatically to current date and time.
  • You can now reset or clear publish date or expiration dates – Thanks @Melissa
  • Speed improvements throughout / caching added to handle high traffic

🏥 Fixes

  • Corrected Dark UI issues when light / dark colors are reversed
  • Fixed errors when signing in with Facebook
  • Fixed errors with "Invalid Date" showing up on the site