How to Live Stream on Tribe

What streaming platform should you use?

Tribe connects to a number of different video hosting and video streaming platform.

  • YouTube – Free / Budget friendly
  • Vimeo – clean / secure / unlimited
  • Resi – Large events

Streaming with YouTube

YouTube is the best budget option. You can create a live event from your YouTube Creator Studio ( Once you have your youtube URL you can paste that URL into the YouTube URL on the Tribe Content popup.

Streaming with Vimeo

Vimeo is our best recommendation for coaches, live events, or anything that needs to be private. Vimeo's option runs $75/mo or $900/yr but includes UNLIMITED live streams.


➡️ Visit Vimeo Pricing:

Streaming with Resi

Resi is our recommendation for live events, church services, or large online streams that require resilient streaming.

➡️ Visit Resi:

Other best practices

Stable Internet Connection

Whenever possible avoid using WI-FI for your live stream event. A Wi-Fi connection is one of the most unreliable and can lead to interrupted streams or pixelated / distorted Audio / Video.

Use an a direct ethernet cable from your router or modem to your computer. You may need to purchase a USB-C to Ethernet adapter:

If you don't have an ethernet connection near where you want to stream your event, you can easily turn any outlet into an extended ethernet port.