Domain Name w/GoDaddy

Watch video below

1. Request Custom Domain

Please email with the domain that you want to use for your Tribe Social platform.

NOTE: If you are not using a subdomain (example: then please use www before your domain. So instead of use .

2. Receive Unique CNAME record for your domain

Our team will send you a unique CNAME record that you will use to update your domain settings in your GoDaddy account.

3. Update CNAME in GoDaddy

Sign into your GoDaddy account.

Find your domain and click DNS link

Click the ADD Link in the bottom right:

Select CNAME from the dropdown menu:

Add www to the host field or if you are using a subdomain like then you would add watch.

In the points to field enter your unique CNAME record that was sent to you from our team. It typically looks something like…

IF there is already a "www" row in Godaddy you need to delete that first, THEN you can add the new one.

If you find that you need extra assistance, you can contact Godaddy through one of these avenues.

4. Lastly, Update Your Homepage URL

First, Sign into your platform as an admin, then click the "Platform" tab in the left sidebar

Click the "pencil" icon for your platform:

Update the your "Homepage" url with the domain you sent.


DO NOT include the https as part of the URL.