We ship new smaller features, more often. Each new feature is captured below for quick reference!

10 months ago


Topics allow you to group multiple collections together. A unique page and URL are automatically created to display all collections within a given Topic. For example a Parenting Topic could be found at yourdomain.com / topic / parenting. Topics are essential when categorizing large amounts of content.

a year ago

Fathom Analytics in Dashboard

Now you can view your Fathom Analytics for your platform inside your Tribe Dashboard.

a year ago

Public / Private Groups

Early version of our groups functionality is now ready for testing. You can create private or public groups for specific communities in your platform.

a year ago

Article Content Type

Introducing a new content type: Articles. Now you can store your blog posts directly in your platform. Add them to a collection and control visibility as needed.

a year ago

Sign in with Facebook & Google

Users can now sign into your platform with a single click Facebook or Google account.

a year ago

Native Chat

We rebuilt the entire chat module from the ground up all inside Tribe Social. We had previously been dependent on a 3rd party provider for chat. Now chat messages are stored right inside your Tribe platform.

a year ago

Magic Signup Links

new Magic URL feature that can be shared with a user that grants that new user Basic or Premium account status. This link can be shared with new basic/premium users on your checkout page to automatically grant them access to new content.